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The human fingerprint is unique pattern of whorls and lines. When the finger is touching fingerprint scanner, many fingerprint readers installed in devices such as phones, laptops and ATMs can capture the fingerprint in great detail. In just 10-100 milliseconds, it can match the authentication attempt against the enrollment template, stored partially in our database and partially in a device, using proprietary algorithms extensively tested against thousands of different fingerprints.

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We are here to make security and safety Better.

"The purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain but to serve the body."

William S. Burroughs - Writer

What We do, We do Safe!

Application and Biometric API for faster and more relaiable authentication and confirmation.


Tired of spam in your email account?


No more passwords!


At last your identity will stay safe.


PIN number? who needs it?


One your touch and you can send it anywhere and anytime.

Login Confirmation

Fast verification for login attempts.

What if there were a new biometric approach that met the security, convenience and reliability needs for many industries in one solution? And, what if consumers had to enroll just once and many devices and services would immediately recognize them?
System Aegis started to create this product today, very fast Payment, Transfer, Verification and Authentication system, named by us "AEGIS MIND".

Always Professional in what we doing.

System Aegis benefits from an enormous market opportunity: with 2 trillions entry-level phones, 1 trillion desktops, laptops and tablets. In addition, around 100 billion online transactions take place each year. All of these numbers will continue to grow dramatically in next five years. System Aegis is supported by a team with decades of experience in security, finances and Machine Learning.

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